10 Top Shoe Tips For Your Wedding Day

10 Top Shoe Tips For Your Wedding Day,  pink Louboutins © beloved love photography #loveasart

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Shoes! What woman doesn’t like a pretty pair of shoes? I don’t know when it happened but “the shoe shot” is now standard in wedding albums. Sometimes even more than 1 photograph. So now brides are more aware than ever of their choice of footwear. I am a shoe addict myself so pretty shoes always make me swoon so I thought it would be useful to post some top tips about shoes for your big day!

Remember you have to WEAR these shoes on your wedding day which involves a lot of walking and standing. Being uncomfortable is just going to make you miserable and tense. A few thoughts to consider:

1. If you want to wear heels but are not an experienced high heel wearer or aren’t comfortable wearing them all day, this is fine! I remind all brides to have “back up shoes” incase a heel breaks or your feet just get tired!

2. Will you be outside? Can the shoes you fell in love with get wet? Will you be OK walking in grass for couple’s portraits? Beach ceremony? (all shoes are hard on the beach, just to warn you)

wedding photography saint tropez 10 Top Shoe Tips For Your Wedding Day glitter miu miu heels © beloved love photography #loveasart

3. If you have chosen white satin and the worst happens and they get dirty, do you have a way to clean them on the day? Can you afford a back up pair? (white you can always dye to something more exciting later on)

4. If you are a shoe lover but found the “perfect” shoe is just too uncomfortable to wear on the big day, you know you can still have them photographed! Many times brides have done this. They fell in love with a pair of shoes later to find, no they just can’t manage 8 hours in them. Totally bring those along for your big day and just explain this to your photographer! No one will know you ditched the pretty ones for something more comfortable!

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5. Comfort add on’s. There are so many shoe pads on the market now. A big company who has amazing products is Foot Petals (footpetals.com) They have all different shapes, sizes and colours and are great even for strappy heels.

6. Non slip pads. I know it is a worry for many brides and no one was to slip on their wedding day! I have always found the nicer shoes have a smooth bottom, one of the first additions I add to my shoes are good non slip pads! Foot Petals sell a stick on version but a shoesmith can put a very good non-removable surface to the bottom of any pair of shoes, inexpensive and totally worth it. (if you have a pair of lovely red sole shoes I’d go with the stick on version for better images of your shoes. Unless you will be walking on grass etc, then maybe safety comes first! )

7. Heel savers. I have seen these more and more, some glue on, some stick on but basically give you a bigger surface to stand on and for many make heels just more comfortable.

10 Top Shoe Tips For Your Wedding Day © beloved love photography #loveasart

8. Before any shoe modification do try to wait until AFTER your shoes are photographed. (when possible of course) Shoe pads, heel savers all make shoes more comfortable but they don’t photograph so well.

9. Try your dress with your chosen shoes and your back up pair! Is your dress dragging the floor if you take off those 6 inch heels you may be out of in an hour? Even if you don’t THINK this will happen, it’s worth having a plan for it, just in case.

10. Last but not least remember, they are shoes! Only shoes! I know so many of us love pretty shoes and envision­ ourselves in these pretty strappy little numbers on our wedding day, but you know what? In the whole scheme of things? It really isn’t a big deal.

I hope this has been helpful and let me know if there is anything I’ve forgotten to mention! Remember one way to show your love for a blog post is to share it!

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