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town centre

As a Destination Wedding Photographer in France and Switzerland I travel a lot! I have gotten to know very well many of the most gorgeous parts of the country. France is not lacking in gorgeous towns. I for one have a pretty long list of favorites!

One of the most famous towns in Provence happens to be the lovely town of Aix-en-Provence. It is one of the most gorgeous towns in France and is well linked to the rest of the world with a high speed TGV station just out of town and special bus service to the Airport in Marseille only about 25 mins away. You can reach Provence within about 3 hours train journey from Paris or Geneva, 3 hours train from Nice (quicker to drive) and is only 2 hours by plane from London & Amsterdam.

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town square

One of the first reactions I hear from visitors who haven’t been to the South of France is how different it is from Paris! It really is like another country. The charm is very different to the charm of Paris and it has a very different vibe.

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church tower at the marie

One big difference visitors notice right away is the glorious sunshine! Usually 10-20 degrees warmer than Paris and many more sun filled days then in Paris and the north of France. Of course the countryside is the other totally different from Paris type aspect. It is very similar to the Napa Valley area of California. The trees are an interesting mix of Mediterranean species and there is no lack of olive trees, one of my favourite things to photograph in Provence!

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old buildings

If you love heat this IS the place to come in the summer months, if you aren’t keen on hot and sunny days spring or fall is more the ideal time to visit. The winter is also very mild usually.

I know there is so much of a link in the media with Aix en Provence and lavender. I am sorry to report that you do need to venture out of the city for a drive to see the famous lavender fields. Which can be a lovely day trip, also spring is the time for these/early summer.

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fab wall

The Cours Mirabeau has been called the most beautiful shopping street in France, I tend to agree with them. There is always a festival or activity taking place in the city as well to take part in.

For families there are various activities and the city carousal is always busy! There is a fab adventure playground for older kids just out of the city as well. The city is very family friendly!

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the carousal

Also something visitors sometimes are a little surprised about if coming from the UK or North America, Aix-en-Provence was occupied in world war 2. There are monuments across the city to pay tribute to the soldiers, to the French Resistance and to the lives that where lost. A few events happen each year to remember this.

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resistance memorial

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world war 2 plaque

Many of the local parks happen to have a resident gorgeous chateau which makes a lovely backdrop for Engagement photography in Aix en Provence and Pre-wedding photography Aix en Provence.

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gorgeous shutters

chateau wedding photographer aix en provence © beloved love photography #loveasart

chateau in park

Couples often ask me where their ideal location is for their Engagement or Pre-wedding photography session should be held. You know this is a super hard question as it’s so personal! What I can promise is I can give all the information on various gorgeous parts of France and Switzerland and the pros and cons. The final difficult decision is yours!

I am always ready to help my couples with full planning of their ideal photography session and I can help with hotel suggestions, restaurants, and general how to get to type questions to make the most of your trip to France and Switzerland as well.

I believe that to provide a luxury photography service goes beyond the photographs themselves and to make sure the whole experience is the best it can be.

I am proud to say many of my clients have since become friends. One of the perks of what I do, I tend to meet some amazing people!

I would love to show you why I love Aix-en-Provence and the Provence region of France. Do get in touch today for your personalized Engagement session in Aix en Provence, Wedding Photography in Aix-en-Provence or your very own Pre-Wedding Session in Aix-en-Provence

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