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When someone recently asked me for a favourite photograph of mine it really got me thinking. So many images to mentally go through.  As a destination wedding photographer you can imagine how many photographs I have on my hard drive! A photograph of my kids would be a first thought but then a favouirte? Could take me years to make a choice!

I decided to go with a photograph from a wedding in London,England 2 years ago. For a fine art wedding photographer one of our true joys is to capture a genuine moment that is just magical. Perfect light, everything in the right place. Of course images can be memorable for so many reasons. Posed images can be wonderful, an amazing location can make for a wonderful image. Every once in a while just everything comes together, no direction needed.

It’s hard to describe sometimes why an image touches us. But usually when one does, we remember it. (we as in photographers but everyone has a special memory for photographs) It’s sometimes amazing looking though past weddings and remembering the stories people shared, the funny jokes, the tears for the touching moments, the amazing people I was honoured to meet.

For this photograph I was standing behind a door when I took this, waiting for the bride to walk in for the ceremony. Suddenly in the light of an open door where the two little flower girls waiting to walk in before the bride. You can see the excitement in their eyes. They weren’t posing for the camera, only in this position for a second. Their hands are just lovely, nothing is out of place, you can’t pose children this well with the best intentions! But the genuine excitement and happiness in their faces is what makes this image one I shall I always remember.

Every time I see this image I smile, remembering the magic.

flower girls waiting to enter, Provence  Wedding Photographer © beloved love photography #loveasart

flower girls waiting to enter, Provence Wedding Photographer © love as art 

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