Answers to Popular Questions – Wedding Photographer in Provence

lavender at a lovely provence wedding #loveasart

I have put together a bit of a FAQ of answers to some of the most popular questions I am asked.

What equipment do you use:

All of my gear is professional grade equipment. I also have full back up which is also professional grade! Be careful not all photographers have back up gear! The secret behind good photography isn’t just the equipment but it sure does help. I only use high end portrait lenses to ensure you look as amazing as possible. I do use a mix of high quality digital and film cameras. View full post

The investment of photography – Destination Wedding Photographer France

cap ferrat french riviera, villa rothschild @beloved love photography #loveasart

Recently I was speaking to a lovely couple and they asked me a question that is asked on occasion and is something I know others are curious about as well.

Why is photography so expensive?

What exactly goes in to the final result? Like above this gorgeous bride at the Rothschild Villa in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, on the French Riviera. Isn’t she gorgeous by the way! View full post

My Magic Wand – Wedding Photographer France

Fashion photography Paris © beloved love photography #loveasart

I have been wanting to blog about this topic for some time and will be doing so again soon as well! I think for many people there is some confusion when I tell them I am a Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographer AND a Professional Retoucher. Not all photographers are retouchers and not all retouchers are photographers. Being a Fine Art Wedding Photographer AND a Professional Retoucher is not common, and I am very pleased to be able to offer a full luxury photography service to my clients. View full post

A lesson from Jean about the power of photography.

vintage photograph ©beloved love photography #loveasart

Isn’t he handsome? This is my great-grandfather Jean. I wish I had the chance to meet him but he died long before I was born. I have been able to meet him through the power of photography. My grandmother treasured old papers and photographs. Growing up photographs adorned our walls. Sadly much has gone missing over the years which is terrible as you just can’t get these memories back. View full post