Introducing Love as Art – Wedding Photographer South of France

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Welcome to the new look website! Pretty isn’t it? Big changes, yet still so much the same!

After much soul searching I have decided to use my tag line as my company name. It just feels better to me right now. It’s my whole business ethos in 3 words and truly what I am seeking to create Love as Art. So from now on, everything will be on the domain View full post

All about Contracts – Destination Wedding Photography Paris France

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For today’s blog post I want to touch on a popular topic, contracts. Contracts are often a 1 size fits all type of thing. I am working on a new version for smaller weddings and honeymoon sessions etc. since as of right now I would have to say the majority of my work are small intimate weddings and pre-wedding or honeymoon photography sessions. (I still do love big weddings though) So after the basics of the where, the when, the what’s included aspects. We have some of the more complicated aspects. View full post

Answers to Popular Questions – Wedding Photographer in Provence

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I have put together a bit of a FAQ of answers to some of the most popular questions I am asked.

What equipment do you use:

All of my gear is professional grade equipment. I also have full back up which is also professional grade! Be careful not all photographers have back up gear! The secret behind good photography isn’t just the equipment but it sure does help. I only use high end portrait lenses to ensure you look as amazing as possible. I do use a mix of high quality digital and film cameras. View full post

Hermitage Hotel Monaco – Monaco Pre-Wedding Photographer

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If you haven’t been to Monaco before, you must add this tiny but amazing country to your bucket list! Besides being on the gorgeous French Riviera (Cote d’Azur if you rather call it by the French name) and overlooking the magical Mediterranean sea it just is such a small, walk able and amazing place. Monaco has this reputation for glitz and glam, which isn’t unwarranted but you will also find a romantic side to the tiny little country surrounded by France. The gardens are magical too, as you will soon see in part 2. View full post

Versailles France Pre-wedding Engagement

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Versailles is the home to one of the most famous palaces in the world. It’s a great little town in it’s own right but of course the palace and it’s gardens are the biggest attraction!

Château de Versailles is just one of the most magical places on earth! You have your pick of several historical homes and the most amazing array of gardens and fountains in one location and they even have a lake! It is a must see for anyone coming to Paris. View full post

10 Top Shoe Tips For Your Wedding Day

10 Top Shoe Tips For Your Wedding Day pink Louboutins © beloved love photography #loveasart

Shoes! What woman doesn’t like a pretty pair of shoes? I don’t know when it happened but “the shoe shot” is now standard in wedding albums. Sometimes even more than 1 photograph. So now brides are more aware than ever of their choice of footwear. I am a shoe addict myself so pretty shoes always make me swoon so I thought it would be useful to post some top tips about shoes for your big day! View full post