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the lovely lake Geneva Switzerland © beloved love photography #loveasart

the lovely lake

Geneva is one of those cities that I find is under rated in Europe. It just doesn’t seem as well known. I am hoping this changes soon because it’s a gem in the center of Europe worth discovering and I know being a Wedding Photographer in Geneva is a dream for me!

It’s not a big city like London, it is more compact which is great if you like to walk and explore. It is one of the only major cities I have ever been to that is just so close to both an international airport and open nature!

There is the famous Lake Geneva (known as Lac Leman in French). The Jet d’Eau is one of it lake’s famous landmarks. (photo coming soon!)

the church Geneva Switzerland © beloved love photography #loveasart

the church

Geneva has excellent public transport and is really easy to get around. One of the advantages for people coming from abroad is that many signs are also in English. I love France but it isn’t always the easiest place to be when you are not fluent in French. Although French is still the main language spoken in Geneva with the high number of expats and the way the educational system is set up most people do speak a degree of English. (some even speak German too!)

For a couple planning their Intimate or Luxury Destination Wedding in Switzerland the ease of dealing with suppliers in English can be a huge advantage! Also for the friends and family flying in for the festivities.

old town centre Geneva Switzerland © beloved love photography #loveasart

flag in geneva

The old town centre is the prettiest part of the city and the winding roads are a joy to stroll down. There are numerous little cafes and if you are a Starbucks fan like me you will be shocked how many they have in Geneva! (On a side note Paris does have it’s share now which are always busy, but the South of France is seriously lacking in Starbucks, if you are a coffee addict you will understand the frustration here!)

Oh little warning though, the prices are crazy, but hey when you need a latte, you need a latte right? It’s worth it to instagram the receipt to friends so they can gasp. I know silly, but not everything is super expensive in Switzerland and there are tricks to cutting costs.

old town centre Geneva Switzerland © beloved love photography #loveasart

old town centre

ld town centre Geneva Switzerland © beloved love photography #loveasart

town centre

Did you know the weather is even mild enough to have Palm Trees? Amazing isn’t it? If you want even warmer weather along the lake I recommend Montreux and the Swiss Riviera (you can see more here) as the sunsets in Geneva are not as amazing. Much better if you go further along the lake.

Isn’t this the most fun little statue just tucked above a shop?

Geneva Switzerland © beloved love photography #loveasart

fun statue

old town centre Geneva Switzerland © beloved love photography #loveasart

the palais de justice


There are plenty of gorgeous venues for any size wedding including the gorgeous and well located and very luxurious Dorchester 

Geneva Switzerland © beloved love photography #loveasart

i love this building

I am happy to advise on finding the perfect location in Geneva for your wedding day or anywhere in Switzerland or France as I know the locations very well. I offer a full service luxury experience to my clients and am always on hand to make your pre-wedding, wedding or destination photography session easier and more enjoyable.

I am also available for pre-wedding and engagement sessions in Geneva and throughout Switzerland and France.

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