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A very popular question I get from couples is “how many photos will we get”.

The hard part is the answer is not specific. So I am going to try to explain a bit more in depth my process and feelings on the subject. Grab a coffee and be prepared to change your way of thinking.


First lets skip ahead. How many photographs do couples frame or have made in to wall art? 100? 1000? 5000? Usually no more than 10. I know, it sounds so low compared to to those other numbers, but usually this is the case. I have never ever heard of someone having 100 framed images for their home.

How many images would your parents or new spouse’s parents have in a frame in their home? No matter how much they love you they are not going to print every wedding image and have it on their walls. (maybe there is a market for wedding wallpaper?)

Now this is a big reason why albums are so popular! Because we all know that no one is going to have 100 framed images in their home. Before digital THIS was the way couples and families treasured and stored their wedding images. Some couples would have in addition or instead a small print of all of the images in a keepsake box, otherwise it was the album that had their wedding photographs.

So, now let us look at wedding albums, how many images go into a wedding album? Well most couples do not go for 5 volume series of albums and tend to stick to the normal albums of under 50 pages but usually 20-40 pages. Each side can fit 4 to 6 images at a push, because unless you choose a large album the images will be very small. Many couples will go down to 1 or 2 photographs per side to really see the images. So as you can imagine, only the best of the best images, so typically we’re not talking over 100 images unless it’s a huge event and more than 1 album is going to be part of the collection.

With the invention of digital cameras it has become easier to increase the amount of images taken on a wedding day. Before digital couples would go with packages based on time and rolls of film. Now basically the “film” is endless to some degree, so photographs have gotten a little heavy on the shutter button and sometimes deliver in the region of 5000 images from a normal 8 hour wedding. I totally disagree with this approach and can’t even imagine the stress of sorting through 5000 images to find the best images! This process is often even be left for the couples to do themselves, even more sad and frustrating! (I have been frustrated to narrow down 200 images, imagine 2000?!)

When I photograph couples on their wedding day, engagements and pre-weddings I am making intentional images. When I am shooting digital vs film I do have the advantage of checking to be sure an image is how I envisioned and re-take if needed. I can check the couple didn’t blink at the 1/400th of a second the shutter took and be sure the connection I love in images is present. I may choose to take a photo of a dress or shoes from a few different angles to see what I prefer. For groups I will take 3-5 images just to be 100% I have an image with either everyone happy and eyes open, or enough options to create this afterwards by combining images.

The final image number reflects your day. How many hours coverage you select, how many locations are involved,If you have a big family there will be more images than a very small wedding. If you have more decorations, again more images. See why it’s impossible to give an exact number?

I would be very wary of any photographers promising exact numbers. I have seen people promising 100 images an hour and so forth. Remember they can not promise this, so what is happening is they are basically just taking enough images to deliver this. They may have many that are very similar and so forth just because they have to keep to a promised number.

In the end my couples love to re-live their day via their images. You can be assured, you will be delivered a curated collection of images. Without extra fluff and fuss. Remember it is not your job to pick the best images.

After the best images are selected from the day I go one by one and hand edit with love each and every image. I may only need to make simple corrections, and other images may need much more care. This is a very important part of the fine art process.

I hear some photographers still base their pricing on image numbers. I can’t even imagine how one does this. Your day is your day! For myself, excluding very large or multiple day weddings, most weddings have had a final image number between the 200-500 final image count. I can’t even fathom telling a couple where there are 500 amazing images that they must pay extra as they only paid for 200!

Again, I truly believe Quality over Quantity.

If you are looking for a dedicated and artistic fine art wedding photographer to cover your destination wedding, pre-wedding or other event I would love to discuss all the details with you and be the special someone to capture your day.

I travel across France, Monaco and Switzerland and many destinations across Europe to create fine art photography for people in love

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