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mountains and spring cherry blossoms - montreux wedding photographer © beloved love photography #loveasart

love the pink against the mountains

For today’s blog post I am switching my attention to a different area of Europe than France. I love France but you know we have so many beautiful locations in Europe and I have just fallen in love with Montreux, Switzerland which is part of the Swiss Riviera area in Canton Vaud.

Being a wedding photographer in Montreux is incredible due to the location and abundance of natural beauty. You will fall in love as well I promise!

montreux at sunset - montreux wedding photographer © beloved love photography #loveasart

just before sunset

For those of you not in the know but Switzerland is about as central in Europe as countries come and the scenery is like it is from a postcard. Geneva is about an hours flight from most Western European cities and 3.5 hours TGV from Paris or the South of France. It’s easy to get to from everywhere.

There are many towns down the side of Lake Geneva, (the French call it Lac Léman or even just La Lac) and the eastern area is where the weather is the best and well you know by now from other blog posts of mine by now that I am a sunset junkie. I love the colours in the sky, and it’s just a magical time for photographs, so of course one huge bonus to this area is the west facing view on the lake!

mountains and the misty lake - montreux wedding photographer © beloved love photography #loveasart

mountains and mist on the lake

The sunsets are amazing! The lake has various little paths lined with cafes and flowers. It’s the best place for a relaxing evening stroll.

Oh and incase you are wondering, all these photographs are really as you see it, I did not change colours at all!

montreux at sunset © beloved love photography #loveasart

the sun just set

If you didn’t know, the late Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury has his own statue on the bank of the lake in Montreux. He must have been a sunset lover like me and of course had good taste as you can imagine he could have lived anywhere in the world! (ok I guess the low tax may have helped as well!)

freddie mercury montreux wedding photographer © beloved love photography #loveasart

freddie mercury

If you are looking for a location a bit different than the norm for your Destination Wedding then I would totally recommend Montreux and Switzerland and especially the towns on the Swiss Riviera. The weather tends to be more mild than the German side of the country near Zurich and it’s very central to get to from all of Europe.

If the heat in the summer in the South of France worries you (yes it can get warm in Provence in the summer so Provence weddings are not ideal for every bride!) then I would totally put Montreux on your list of locations to check out!

I am sharing some photographs from my last visit to the area in April, you can see there was still snow on the tops of the mountains although we were lucky to have amazing sunny warm weather!

As you know, I am always happy to travel for my Destination Wedding Couples and also am able to offer Engagement and Pre-wedding sessions in the area. I am happy to answer any questions about my services or if you would like help with planning the perfect wedding and or trip to the area.

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