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I have put together a bit of a FAQ of answers to some of the most popular questions I am asked.

What equipment do you use:

All of my gear is professional grade equipment. I also have full back up which is also professional grade! Be careful not all photographers have back up gear! The secret behind good photography isn’t just the equipment but it sure does help. I only use high end portrait lenses to ensure you look as amazing as possible. I do use a mix of high quality digital and film cameras.

I also have full liability insurance.

Do you photograph engagements/pre-weddings?

I do! And love them both.

I really enjoy pre wedding photography in France. ( Pre-wedding photography in Monaco is getting very popular, and Honeymoon Photography in France and Monaco is gaining more ground for bookings ) It is it’s totally own little genre and I adore it. I also travel for these sessions, like weddings. Some couples are choosing this option for their photography and then a small civil wedding

For all my wedding couples I would prefer to have an Engagement session, but it isn’t always possible as most couples are traveling from abroad.

It’s great chance to be able to meet and get to know each other. It’s a good time to go through details of the day and see how comfortable you are in front of the camera. Whenever I can I teach little tricks to get the best out of your wedding day portraits.

How many images do we get:

This number varies on many aspects of your day. I am someone who has trained with film therefore every time I press the shutter button it is to capture a unique moment. Your photographs will tell the story of your day and will include a selection of fine art processed photographs. I am a professional retoucher and I hand edit every photograph with a style unique to myself. You can read more about my retouching here and image numbers here

Final numbers depend on the duration of your wedding, details, wedding size. A small intimate wedding may result in 100 images; a large luxury wedding may be more around the 500+ mark. I go for quality vs quantity and everything is hand re-touched and edited with love. The end result is a collection of images that tell the story of your day.

Do you offer albums:

I do!

I always tell couples not to worry about the album until AFTER the event. The options are endless and it’s hard to know how many pages etc you would like until after the event. Your wedding album will have a complete set of photographs to tell the story of your day, which can be done with 20 pages to 40 pages all depending on your day and your needs. Lots of options! Many couples find it useful to spread the cost over the first year and have their album in time for their first wedding anniversary.

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Do you work alone?

Usually I do, I will sometimes have an assistant to help me during the day. I prefer to be the sole photographer as I do spend a lot of time to get to know you, this connection you can see in my work. I know about your day, what you love, what you don’t. It is impossible to have someone else come in and know all of this. I do find an assistant a valuable asset so I have help with equipment and such. If the wedding will be large or locations that are far apart I may bring in another professional photographer to help.

Can you help with planning?

Yes I can! And I often do in one way shape or form. Many of my couples have decided to not hire an independent wedding planner for various reasons. I can help source suppliers, advise on travel info to get your guests to France, book that last minute rehearsal dinner. You name it and I have likely done it the last years as a destination wedding photographer in France.

Do we get our photographs in colour or B&W or both?

I always talk to my couples to know what their preferences are. Sometimes there is a choice and if I know a couple loves black and white photographs I will be swayed to covert more images to black and white. There are occasions where there is little choice and an image just works better in black and white. (Example is dark churches or churches with funky lighting)

I have had clients tell me of photographers who offer all their images in both. Well I know how much time it takes to properly process an image in black and white and colour. If a photographer offers both for all images they are likely just running an program on the images and you will not have a proper black and white image. To learn more about my retouching check out this post

 As a Fine Art Photographer and Professional Retoucher I spend the time to process each image by hand. My couples tell me they see the time and love reflected in my images so although it takes more time, I believe it is worth the effort.

Do we have to have our photos on the web?

I am asked this question often as I have couples who are in influential positions for their work or are celebrities. The reply is complicated; no you do not have to have your images displayed for the public. BUT there are many options. I don’t often use couples names, so this means no one would find them unless they happen to come across my site. Sometimes couples prefer images that do not show their faces well, or mostly detail images. Some couples choose to have nothing displayed. I do charge an additional fee in most cases, this is just because as you can imagine, photography is very visual! My portfolio of work is very important to me personally, but also is the way my future couples find me. It is hard to have an amazing photograph you can not share with the world. Just being totally honest! I am proud of my work and the gorgeous couples I work with, so when possible I try to come to an agreement my couples are happy with, and sometimes I just have to keep the photographs to myself, as hard as it is.

I also do not gossip or share details on couples I have worked with, no matter their level or status. Your information is safe with me.

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What are your prices?

I am writing a dedicated page to answer this very question soon! In the meantime the answer is really vague, and I apologize in advance. I have such varied events from 2 hour sessions in Paris or Provence to 3 day weddings on the French Riviera.

It is hard to give a price for an event without information! Location, time of year, and duration of coverage all come into play.

Some venues are further out and require more travel time. Peak summer months can mean increased cost for hotel and travel. Sometimes I can offer a lower price because I am already in the area ( Hence why I offer mini sessions when I am already in a location! )

See how it gets complicated to give a 1 size fits all price? Remember though a price is just that, numbers. This is why I offer a telephone or skype call for us to get to know each other. I get to know your event details and more important for you, you get to know me and how I work. Do you want me to photograph your wedding?

Luxury photography is an investment, it’s not something everyone can afford, but when having a destination wedding in France I feel it is even more important!

Remember your wedding photography is an investment. After the wedding I promise you wont use your dress again, maybe your shoes if you are lucky, the venue you can’t keep, the food isn’t a keepsake either! You can’t go back and hire a professional photographer afterwards, hindsight is amazing stuff, but regret is also a hard thing to live with.

Our family will not be around forever, our beloved friends, well you know, life can be cruel. One day we are only surrounded with our memories, and these are best preserved through photography. I write more about the subject here

I do offer payment plans and work with brides who really are in love with my work and want me to be the special person to capture their day. It is important for me as well as you for us to be a good fit for each other. The best couples aren’t the ones who have spent the most money but the ones I am still in touch with and call friends.

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