A lesson from Jean about the power of photography.


vintage photograph paris wedding photography  ©beloved love photography #loveasart

my great-grandfather jean

Isn’t he handsome? This is my great-grandfather Jean. I wish I had the chance to meet him but he died long before I was born. I have been able to meet him through the power of photography. My grandmother treasured old papers and photographs. Growing up photographs adorned our walls. Sadly much has gone missing over the years which is terrible as you just can’t get these memories back.

My children have been able to see their grandfather in photographs, their great-grandparents and even further back. Only because their family valued photography and my grandmother valued these memories to hold on to them for many years.

Jean’s family owned their own shop making hats and clothing. Even my grandmother was a dressmaker and also a milliner. She always had the most amazing clothes and hats! They lived in La Rochelle, France and from old papers I have the pleasure to see where their shop stood today!

This is my great-great-grandfather!

paris wedding photography © beloved love photography #loveasart

Now I share with you a little bit of my own history, with a little funny twist in the end. This note is from around 1912 and the paper has seen better days. I was a little late to start scanning everything (bad me) but they are scanned and backed up now.

paris wedding photography  © beloved love photography #loveasart

a note to my grandmother

I had to get a little help with the translation but what it reads is that the photographs are back from the photographer, of the…….. ready for it? The cat!

Now I don’t know about you, but this makes me laugh, that 100 years ago my great grandfather Jean felt the need to have professional portraits done of their cat! I wonder what he’d make of the camera phone images of today.

I don’t have the portrait of Jean’s cat but felt the need to include a cat portrait so below is one from a fellow photographer.

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a lovely cat portrait


So my final thought, professional photography isn’t always inexpensive, but it is an investment.

I promise you in 1912 photography was a luxury item that many couldn’t afford. Photography is worth the investment!

Memory insurance!

You just can not go back in time and capture the memories.

Children grow up, weddings are a 1 day affair, 1 chance to get them right.

You will never be the age you are today again. The future is uncertain; we never know what will happen.


I love capturing memories through photography for couples and families. Why do I want you to purchase wall art? Because I want you to have those photographs on your wall! So when you walk by you smile. So your children grow up with memories of loved ones burned into their memories from seeing their photographs daily. I have these photographs to share with you because they were printed, on paper. Imagine if there was some funny recording device back then? Anyone remember the 8 track player? (yes we had one around with Donna Summer playing on it as a child)


I hope one day these memories will be treasured for future generations. Even easier than before for photographs to live forever with the options of wall art, albums and the ability to have back ups of these images digitally.


Maybe you will be like Jean and have a professional portrait of your cat, but I do hope you also capture your wedding, your children and yourself in photographs too!

I leave you with one more of Jean, a souvenir of world war 1.

vintage WW1 photograph paris wedding photography  ©beloved love photography #loveasart

jean is on the left


Vintage photograph: Beloved Love Photography due to copyright limits

Cat Portrait: Mary-Anne Broderick

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