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Today we’re talking about skincare! With all the worries for your big day your skin is one issue that I can try to help with! I’ve tried and tested the 2 products I’m recommending today and hope to blog more fab products in future.

How will I look on my wedding day is one of the top questions in a bride’s mind. Some of the big worries I hear a lot is, “will I suffer from breakouts” “will I look overtired”? And another popular question here in the sunny (and often hot) Provence and French Riviera in the South of France; “Will I be shiny after a long ceremony?”.

So here we go ladies, a few fab products I have found, tested and can fully recommend!

Sampar is a fabulous French brand. I hadn’t heard of them before going into Sephora and I have to admit I was lured in to looking at their products because of the pretty pink box. (Yes, packaging DOES matter to us ladies!)

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creative product shot is a must

From their packaging “Prodigal Pen and its 8 essential oils (cinnamon, lavender, savory, thyme, oregano, rosemary, cloves and sage) eliminate blemishes, leaving no trace behind. This savvy and sumptuous accessory zeros in on targeted zones to clear and alleviate irritations.”

Besides the pretty pink box, it’s packaged as a tiny but not too small little roll on pen. It’s cute, easy to store and even better it actually works!

Another FAB product from Sampar and again a packaging win! The Sampar Mattifying Face Paper. From their site “Don’t leave home without it! Instantly and discreetly lift away unwanted shine at any time of day with Blotting Paper.”

So again, cute, easy to carry around packaging and fantastic to have on hand for your wedding day, especially if it’s in the summer!

I didn’t get any kick back for this review (I wouldn’t turn some free product down!), but am blogging these 2 fab products as I know there are sooooo many choices and what to pick can be SOOOOO hard!

Also of course some common sense to wedding day skin care is in order. Do not try new products close to the big day incase of a skin reaction, you just never know when it will happen.

A great time for a facial and a little TLC for your skin is the weeks before your wedding. Again not too close to the actual big day incase of any reaction or breakouts from a clarifying mask.

Drink lots of water and get enough sleep! I know, I know, this is hard with the often manic run up to the big day, but dehydrated skin is never ideal and tired isn’t the best look for even the youngest of brides!

Always keep in mind that skin blemishes and dark circles are NOT the end of the world. I am a professional re-toucher and I hand edit all of the images from your wedding. The main portraits and album images have an extra stage of love and care and many of the issues that crop up can be easily dealt with. I know this has calmed the nerves for many brides and has been a saving grace to a few brides who did have some last minute issues with their skin.

I know I love to read what works so I can narrow in on the better products and save time and money in the long run. I hope these tips and reviews are helpful.

Do you have a fab skincare tip? Do share it in the comments!

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