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I have been wanting to blog about this topic for some time and will be doing so again soon as well! I think for many people there is some confusion when I tell them I am a Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographer AND a Professional Retoucher. Not all photographers are retouchers and not all retouchers are photographers. Being a Fine Art Wedding Photographer AND a Professional Retoucher is not common, and I am very pleased to be able to offer a full luxury photography service to my clients.

Fashion photography Paris © beloved love photography #loveasart

from another busy paris park

All of my clients at Beloved Love Photography benefit from professional hand edited images. I don’t just burn images right to a disk or just run a 1 size fits all action. Almost all of my portrait sessions and weddings are on location. Besides Destination Weddings my most requested type of photography sessions are Paris Couples Sessions and Paris Pre-wedding Photography Sessions, and this is a time where my skills are super helpful.

Paris is a gorgeous destination but there is one thing that Paris is never lacking, and that is?? People! Strangely enough with such a beautiful city and so much to offer there are always thousands of others wanting to experience the city every day of the year. As a Professional Photographer in Paris I do know the best locations, the better times of days to time a photography session and various tricks up my sleeve to make the most of your photography session, but sometimes we don’t have the best time of day and more often than not we do not have Paris to ourselves!

Now this is where I can say investing in professional photography is worth the investment. When you have a professional photographer accustomed to challenging environments in sometimes quite difficult conditions, the years of experience and tricks do help. Remember with Destination Wedding Photography I often have never been to the location before and have to figure out quick the best places to stand and the best angles. I do find this exciting (most of the time!). Paris does present with interesting challenges but one of those challenges is always of course people!

Sometimes we do have to wait for people to pass, as of course we are working in public areas. I do usually get a good laugh from my couples when I am talking about someone moving from behind and of course they always finally do move! Maybe that is a trick as to why my couples are always so happy in their photographs. (I do sometimes get those ones that just don’t want to budge!)

When all else fails, that is when my magic wand comes in! You may have heard me mention a few times throughout my website that I am a professional retoucher. You may have an idea what this means but not really grasp what this means for YOU as the client. Well of course there are various times this talent benefits my clients but as we are talking about Photography in Paris today this is where it can really be a benefit. You know those people who just happened to want to go to the park on the same gorgeous sunny day? Those people you really don’t want in your photographs? Well more often than not I can make them vanish! (Imagine if you could do this in real life sometimes!)

How about some examples?

Oh this lovely spring day I had the pleasure to photograph a gorgeous High School Senior from the USA. Her and her parents where traveling in Europe and thought Paris would be the IDEAL location for a Senior Shoot! I do agree! Now of course we picked the Champ de Mars to have a lovely view of the Eiffel Tower and on a sunny Spring Sunday you can imagine we weren’t alone. Sunshine actually asked me “Can you get rid of all of those people?” And I said I don’t know, there are a lot! There was and it does take extra time, care and attention to do this, but you know what, my clients are worth that time! Now you have to agree the photographs are just better without the background distractions. More of Sunshine’s Amazing Senior Session in Paris is here

You will notice I also cleaned up hair etc as it was a bit of a struggle with the wind that day. More about that type of re-touching on the next blog post about the subject!

before re-touching portrait photographer eiffel tower #loveasart ©belovedlovephotography

before re-touching


and after a bit of time, love and magic, voila the final image!

paris family portrait photographer eiffel tower #loveasart ©belovedlovephotography

family time



How about 1 more example from this gorgeous Paris Photography Session? Now this was a bit different and fun! I loved the energy this gorgeous teen had! You just couldn’t help but smile.

before-paris-senior-photographer ©beloved love photography

another before shot


And for the after!

paris senior portrait photographer eiffel tower #loveasart ©belovedlovephotography

fun and full of energy

This is another example of being creative and a little waving of my magic wand to make a busy location look empty. For this Individual Portrait Session in Paris, we where using the lovely Notre Dame location, which of course was busy. Hardly would know that from the photographs. More can be seen here

paris Portrait Photographer Notre Dame Paris © beloved love photography #loveasartParis Portrait Photographer Bridge Paris © beloved love photography #loveasart

the lovely notre dame

Remember this isn’t limited to Paris! Provence and the French Riviera also have distractions, people, wind you name it! I often work in Switzerland and again the same issues crop up! I will be blogging more on the beauty editing side of things. My goal is to provide my clients with amazing images to adorn their walls. I really put love in this part of the process and it can take hours, but I feel it is worth it. Yes wind is out of my control, people and many other things but I feel it is worth the time to provide my clients with real fine art photography! So know that your investment isn’t only for the time on the day and other costs of doing business but also encompasses the hours of dedication to make sure your photographs are as flawless as possible!

I look forward to meeting you and documenting your memories and capturing your wedding, your engagement, anniversary shoot or even just a shoot for fun just you, me and your favourite city in Europe!

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