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Welcome to the new look website! Pretty isn’t it? Big changes, yet still so much the same!

After much soul searching I have decided to use my tag line as my company name. It just feels better to me right now. It’s my whole business ethos in 3 words and truly what I am seeking to create Love as Art. So from now on, everything will be on the domain

Already  my social media was under the tag #loveasart, I was even very lucky to be indexed on Pinterest with #loveasart hashtag so no need to change anything for those of you following me on social media. If you’re not following me already I warn you I tend to stick more to instagram and sometimes Facebook. I just find there aren’t enough hours in a day and don’t really feel the love for twitter.

I hope you love the new logo as much as I do. All hand written gorgeous calligraphy by the most talented Joy of Studio French Blue, you can see more of her amazing work on her website. And I am thrilled to refer my couples to her. She can do beautiful artwork for intimate elopments to large weddings.

The logo really reflects me and my art more than the old one. And as Joy can attest to, wasn’t just a simple one time draft. I know, poor Joy had to witness first hand my perfectionism! I hope she still loves me though, as I love her work and will be using more of her work on my site! It just goes to show that even the little details mean a lot to me ( see positive spin on my neurotic side! )

Still the same mastermind behind the site and camera! So all of that is exactly the same. And yes I have heard you want to see more of me on social media and more of my life, I am working on this! You know what though? I suck at selfies! I take the most fuzzy phone photos, I just fail at it. I don’t know how this is even possible, but there you go! See this is why it’s crucial to have professional photography, but then also why most photographers lack in photos of themselves!

french-riviera-photography-wedding #loveasart

this is one of those images that makes me cry, the beauty, the love, it’s perfection

Love as Art is about taking authentic emotions, styled beautifully and creating Art. When people tell me they see the love and care in the art I produce it really makes all the late nights and struggles worth it. Coming soon, a blog post about the life of a Destination Wedding Photographer in France, I know everyone has asked, it’s coming!

More good news! I am now officially offering planning services to my destination couples who are seeking help with the planning as well as having their event photographed who are not looking to employ a separate company for this. It can help with sourcing vendors or to help design the décor, and just general help with logistics. I have already been doing so much of this the last 2 years in France for weddings and events across France and even now Switzerland. See this is the benefit of having a Destination wedding photographer in France who actually knows all about France, Switzerland and I have even helped a couple who are getting married in London, my home town. More about this new service to be posted soon!

Although I focus mostly on weddings and events in the French Riviera, Provence, Paris, Monaco and Burgundy, I cover all of France and more and more Switzerland. I know all of the French side, including Geneva, Lausanne, Lavaux Vevey and Montreux. I am excited to get back to London a few times of year and to travel more across Europe. So if you are getting married, honeymoon or pre-wedding elsewhere and it’s not France and you are thinking well she’s a destination wedding photographer in France and wouldn’t be interested, well you’re wrong! Try me!

As always all images are still hand edited by yours truly, putting the love and dedication I always have into my work. The galleries have been updated and are still being updated to show more of my work from 2015. I’m behind updating them, sorry about that! Still need to get more published on the various wedding blogs! I’m better at photography than the admin side of things, if you want to read more about what I really do, besides take pretty photos, have a read here.

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as featured in maire-claire

Soon I will be adding more to the blog in the coming months, focusing more on advice and inspiration vs just showing my work like many photographers do. If you want to see my work, click above to go through to my galleries! If you want to learn more about me, my work, new locations and other fun stuff then click above for more posts!

PS: If you see any glitches from the change over do let me know! And I genuinely hope you like the new look!

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