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vintage photography, wedding photographer france © beloved love photography #loveasart

my grandmum paris 1920

Today I have a serious post, one that really means a lot to me. I am going to blog about and why I am even a photographer! Pull up a chair and please open your heart to the message.

Photography is = Documenting today for the future

Have you ever seen an image that you remembered your whole life? Did you grow up with photographs on your walls?

I grew up with an amazing collection of photographs from my French grandmother that I still posses and treasure even today. People I would never would have had the chance to meet, I have their photographs, people who would otherwise be forgotten; photography has given me the gift of the past. My grand mother sadly lost her sister when she was very young; through photographs I have been able to meet her, and my children have as well. An amazing connection to the past! I’m sure at the time, my family had no idea that over 100 years later there would be the internet, scanning, digital photography. That family so far in the future would be treasuring their photographs, connecting with them through photography that would be otherwise impossible to do.

vintage photography, wedding photographer france © beloved love photography #loveasart

my grandmother around 1920

These photographs had a lasting impression on me. I can see I look a lot like my aunt who died when I was very young. I can share with my children the grandfather they never met (my son looks JUST like he did when my father was young). I have my grandparents wedding portraits, even portraits taken for fun during world war 1, souvenirs of happier times during a sad part of history. I have a letter my great grandfather wrote to my grandmum about picking up a portrait of their cat. In 1914, they had a portrait done at the photographers of their cat, now is that not amazing or what?? Read more here 

vintage wedding photography vintage photography, wedding photographer france © beloved love photography #loveasart

my grandparents wedding portrait

My mother’s family? They are long passed away as well, but I have no photographs. They are forgotten. I have no way to know what they looked like, my children have not had the opportunity to meet them through photographs. Her family lacked the wealth needed at the time for portraits and later didn’t see the value in photography. We can’t go back and tell them future generations would love them to take photos.

We must exist in photos for our family and future family. We can’t go back and capture the essence of a newborn baby, the tender first kiss at our wedding. To capture a loved one who was taken away from us far too soon. We only have the present to take photographs to remember back on in the future.

These images had a huge impact on me growing up. I am sharing a few of my family treasures with you and I hope my words impact how others view photography.

vintage photography, wedding photographer france © beloved love photography #loveasart

my father from 1944

I want to photograph you, your wedding, your newborn, your family and my hope is, well my hope is feature generations look fondly back on these amazing glimpses into their family heritage. Who knows, maybe one day my photographs will be included in someone’s blog post of the future, saying how they changed how she saw the world!

Documenting today for the future……

Professional photography is an investment. Having a professional photographer capture your wedding again is an investment. I like to say it’s memory insurance, for you to remember the past. Remember you can not go back and change your mind if you do not have professional wedding photography or professional family photography. Do you have photographs of family that mean everything to you? People go into fires to save their photographs, imagine if your favourite photograph of a loved one never was captured.

I am a Fine Art Wedding Photographer and Portraits Photographer and cover all of Europe but most often France and Switzerland. I am also skilled as a professional re-toucher and offer hand crafted glicee prints. I love to get to know my clients and capture their authentic selves. I put a lot of time, energy and most importantly love in the art I create and genuinely look forward to meeting you and hearing your story. Connections and creating stunning art is why I do what I do.

Please email for more information on your bespoke portrait session or wedding (or pre-wedding, engagement etc) today.


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